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Seawater Farm's long-awaited problem solved!
Titanium Waste Heat Recovery System

2022. 11. Busan International Fisheries Expo exhibited new titanium waste heat recovery machine

Solving the Disadvantages of Plate Heat Exchangers

Solving the problem of Plate heat exchange performance deterioration due to foreign substances during operation
Solve disassembly/washing/assembly problems
Reduced labor cost and increased heat exchange efficiency

No operating cost other than motor electricity cost

Excellent electricity bill reduction effect

Water that was previously wasted was used as a heat source.

November 21, 2022 (Korea-Jeollanam-do)
Demonstration held in the presence of National Institute of Fisheries Science (Director attend)

source : 'yangsig21' January 2023 magazine

What is a waste heat recovery machine?
Generated from exothermic reactions in heating furnaces or industries
equipment that recovers heat.

ATX Application case

Abandoned wastewater from seawater farms
recovery of heat

Waste heat recovery system Advantages

Problem solved! Blockage problem(Clogging) due to contaminants

The circular Ti-Flexible tube does not clogging due to minute vibrations when sea water moves.


Excellent corrosion resistance to seawater!

Titanium has already been proven to be a material with excellent seawater resistance.


Excellent heat recovery rate even in low temperature Fish Farm System

Titanium Waste Heat Recovery System shows a high heat exchange rate even with minute temperature differences.

System diagram of seawater farm when using Ti Waste Heat Recovery System
계통도1 계통도1
Disadvantages of using a plate heat exchanger
계통도2 계통도2

Recovers a minute temperature of 20'C


By the sediment Repeat blockage, disassembly,
and assembly
have to difficulties in use,
After installation, it is difficult to actually use.

The Ti Waste Heat Recovery System has no operating costs,
Non-powered The Ti Waste Heat Recovery System

Electricity savings
This product overcomes the disadvantages of existing plate heat exchangers.
Waste heat recovery system product comparison
ATX Product
Existing product
Product name
Flexible Tube Waste Hear Recovery System
Plate heat exchanger
Heat recovery rate
High efficiency
High efficiency
Waste blockage
continuous operation
Impossible (cleaning and disassembly: at any time)

Plate heat exchanger products are made of titanium only in some parts,
while product corrosion problems occur,
Titanium Flexible Tube - Waste Heat Recovery System is
all aceessories are also made of 100% Titanium (internal fittings)
Corrosion problem solving and semi-permanent use are possible.